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Powered by Unity

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Unity is the best development platform for creating 2D/3D games and it helps us give Maze of Gods an awesome artistic look. With its improved efficiency it makes our hard work smoother and more fun, and it will allow us to launch the game on every platform!

wop - unity


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Hello everyone! After posting pics in every single update we thought it was about time to change a little. Here you have a short video that illustrates the evolution of our main character: Lucius.


Madrid Games Week 2014 – Part 2

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Hello everyone! Remember our last post about Madrid Games Week 2014 in which we showed you some people playing the early demo of Maze of Gods? Well today we wanted to share another important moment from our trip… We met people from both Amazon and Unity!

Gente-de-Amazon Unity-people-from-london-playing-MOG

Long Time no See!

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Hello everyone!!! Its been a while since our last post but we have been working NON STOP on Maze of Gods and we are very proud of the results achieved. Our updates will be on a weekly basis from now on so make sure to stay tuned if you want to keep up to date with the state of development of the game. BTW Lucius now has blue hair!



We Love Light

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Illumination plays a very important role in the games aesthetics and we want it to be perfect. Thats why we are working meticulously on every detail, trying to make the light as charming and realistic as possible. It is going to be awesome!Efecto luz y luciérnagas sobre la rana_01